Paul, a London based photographer, works closely with galleries, artists and designers, providing a comprehensive photographic service. Alongside his commercial work he has continued to develop his personal projects and regularly exhibits his work.


selected exhibition

2023 Between the Stops, 2AG Studios, London E17
2022 Upper Deck, They Come. They Sit. They Go, London E8
2021 Communal Luxury, 2AG Studio, London E17
2020 Inside Out film, Cedric Christie, Coronet Theatre online  
2020/21  We Are Here, Vestry House Museum, London E17
2019 Corsham and Wantead Stuidio Artists, London E17
2019 Aftermath 1919, Winns Gallery, London E17
2019 Abstraction vs Figuration, Kunstgenerator, Geneva
2019 Miniscule Venice, Venice Biennale, Italy
2019 Miniscule part 2, Cross Lane Projects, Kendal, Cumbria
2019 We Grow Into The Forest, The Art Pavilion, London E3
2019 Empire II, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Oaxaca, Mexico
2018 Reading Between The Limes, Winns Gallery and WVWG, London E17
2018 Protocol, Q Park, Cavendish Square, London W1
2018 All Power To The Imagination, protest and May68, Winns Gallery, London E17
2018 New York, Corridor at White Post, London E9
2017 Art & Revolution, Winns Gallery, London E17
2017 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London W1
2017 Mapping our twittens, treasuring our byways, Vestry House Museum, London E17
2017 Empire II, Venice Biennale, Italy
2017 Anorak Activity, WVWG, London E17
2017 Traditions The Art Pavilion, London E3
2016 Space 2016, Q Park, Leicester Square, London WC2
2016 Palimpsest, Chocolate Factory, Bad Oeynhausen, Germany
2016 Machine Flight, Pictorem Gallery, London E17
2016 100x Madonna, The Crypt Gallery, London NW1
2016 Greatest Little Art Show, The Mill, London E17
2016 Gallery In Bloom, WVWG, London E17
2016 Breaking Borders 2, London E17
2016 Home From Home, AgeUK, London E3
2015 Silent Movies, Q Park, Cavendish Square, London W1
2015 Science, Pictorem Gallery, London E17
2015 9 Photographers, 9 views of Walthamstow, The Mill, London E17
2015 Ancient History, The Ancient House, London E17
2015 Sunday In The Park With Ed, Display Gallery, London EC1
2015 Misbehaviour, The Art Pavilion, London E3
2014/15 Small is Beautiful, Flowers Gallery, New York
2014 Deptford Stories, Anthology Deptford Foundry, London SE14
2014 Misbehaviour, CMR Gallery, Redroth, Cornwall
2014 Line & Value:part 1, UpDown Gallery, Ramsgate, Kent
2014 Local Heroes, Arts and Crusts, London E17
2014 By Chance I Looked The Other Way, London E17
2013/14 Vitis Vinifera, Aleksic & Mortimer, London E8
2013/14 Duet, collaboration with Karen Ay, Quay Arts, Newport, IOW
2013 Small is Beautiful XXXI, Flowers Gallery, London E2
2013 Writing on the Wall, Words over Waltham Forest Festival, London E17
2013 Big Deal no.5, Q Park, Cavendish Square, London W1
2013 E17 Art Trail Summer Show, Penny Fielding Gallery, London E17
2013 Pleasure Principle, Lounge, London E2
2013 A Matter of Taste, Pictorem Gallery, London E17
2013 Cities: All Dimensions, Tokarska Gallery, London E17
2013 Spaces in Transition, Hanmi Gallery, London W1
2012 Small is Beautiful XXX, Flowers Gallery, London W1
2012 Detached with Paul Greenleaf, Penny Fielding Gallery as part of Photomonth
2012 Light Headed, Gallery 320, London E2
2012 Corsham re-formed, Tokarska Gallery, London E17
2012 Under the Surface, William Morris Gallery, London E17
2012 Wandering Rocks, Stone Space, London E11
2012 As Time Goes By, Leytonstone Art Trail, London E11
2012 Brixton Village Art Trail, London SW9
2011 Small is Beautiful XXIX, Flowers Gallery, London W1
2011 Backyard online magazine,
2011 4man show, Tokarska Galllery, London E17

2011 From Waterlooville to Walthamstow via Walberswick, St Barnabas Church, E17

2010 Walthamstow Tapestry (after Grayson Perry), Tower Mews, London E17

2010 Susak expo 2010, Susak, Croatia

2010 Miniscule, Oblong Gallery, London N1

2009 Meet, Glass Factory, London E17

2009 Out on the Inside, Dubai

2009 Powerful Past, Vestry House Museum, London E17

2008 Plot to Plot Higham Hill Allotments, London E17

2007 Photomonth Open, Mile End Park, London E3

2007 Allotments, Rouge Restaurant, Redbridge, Essex

2006 E17 Art Trail, Penny Fielding, London E17

2005 Take a Closer Look, Penny Fielding, London E17

2004/2005 The Affordable Art Fair, Battersea Park, London SW11

2004 Group show at Halesworth Gallery, Suffolk

2003 Insidespace Gallery at Selfridges, London W1

2003/2010 AOP open print exhibition, AOP Gallery, London EC2

2002 Quiet City, The Shoreditch Gallery, London N1

2001 Touring showof144th RPS open Print Exhibition

1998-2002 Summer exhibitions at Gallery 44, Aldeburgh, Suffolk

Current exhibition

work from Between the Stops, images taken from the top of London buses

at 2AG Studios
2A Greenleaf Road
London E17 6QQ
open 24 & 25 June 2023
11am - 5pm

also on instagram @paultuckerstudio